Colleen Ballenden

Natural therapist


I have been a Natural Therapist since 1994. I run my practice on our family farm, 'Stanford Farm', near the little village of Haenertsburg in Limpopo.

Feet are really important to me. I was a teacher and had my own school called Footprints Nursery School. In 1991, after having lived with a muscular illness myasthenia gravis for 25 years, I went to a reflexologist and slowly started to get better. My attitude changed, which had a huge influence on my health. I explored many complementary therapies and did a reflexology course with Chris Stormer in Johannesburg. This was the beginning of a whole new direction in my life. I then did a Foot Reading course, Reiki and other therapies.

Aerial Photo of Stanford Farm and Surrounding areas

I offer Foot Massage, Foot Reading, Reiki, Forest and Labyrinth walks.

I also offer Foot Reading consultations with Skype or Whatsapp.

Courtyard outside Therapy Room

Therapy Room


(27) 072 277 4809


A21, Stanford Farm
South Africa

Foot Massage

A soothing and energizing therapy.

Foot Basin

Feet ready to be massaged

Foot Reading

Your feet tell a story about how you are living your life.

It is based on the teachings of Chris Stormer (Language of the Feet).
The reading is not psychic or a medical diagnosis.

It is uplifting, encouraging and insightful.

The Reading helps you:
Recognise your Strengths
Promote Personal Awareness
Make Empowering Decisions

Skype and Whatsapp sessions available.

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Hands on Healing
Relaxes and reduces stress
Relieves pain and discomfort

Forest Walks

Meditative and educational walks in the indigenous forest.

Tree in Indigenous Forest

I also offer a Labyrinth Walk.